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Word Searching

The word search function enables you to scan large numbers of dreams for particular words and phrases. You can search the dreams by choosing your own word strings, or you can use the SDDb template of 40 typical categories of dream content.

Start by choosing the surveys you want to include in the search. Then you can choose constraint questions like age, gender, etc. Then you can select the type of dream text you want to search, and you can limit the search to dream reports of certain word lengths (such as 25 words or more). Then you can enter the specific words you want to search, or you can use the pre-set word categories of the SDDb 1.0 and 2.0 templates.

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Build a Search:


1 Choose Survey(s)

2 Choose a constraint question

3 Choose the dream text(s)

4 Choose the length

    No limits on response length.

5 Choose the Person Id

6 Choose the date range

7 Choose the words