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Answers For Person ID: harris_youth_2011:31204

The gender of the participant, Male or Female Male
The age of the participant, in years. 17
Current grade in school, asked of participants in the Children's Dreams Survey 2011. twelfth grade
School location, asked of participants in the Children's Dreams Survey 2011. Suburban area next to a city
School type, asked of participants in the Children's Dreams Survey 2011. Public school
Race/ethnicity question asked of participants in Children's Dreams Survey 2011. White
Text of most memorable dream reports from participants in the Memorable Dreams Survey 2011 and other sources. Exact question used in the Memorable Dreams Survey 2011: We are interested in hearing the story of an especially memorable dream you had, from any time in your life. Please try to recall as many details as possible, including the setting, characters, colors, actions, and any feelings or thoughts you had in the dream. I had this dream when I was in 8th grade. The people involved were me my mom and a family that was never named. The family came over and we decided to go out for ice cream. Everybody went out to ice cream except my mom and the husband of the family. I was extremely suspicious of them having an affair. However we returned and everyone acted normal and the family left. I had no evidence on which to base my accusations so I did not confront my mom. I went up to my bathroom and there I found a bowl of eggs with one or two of them cracked. For some reason these eggs were the proof I was looking for regarding my mom having an affair. I ran downstairs and showed my mom the bowl and upon seeing which she instantly confessed to the affair. She tried to explain at first but then began to profusely apologize. That was the end of the dream.