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Answers For Person ID: harris_youth_2011:31434

The gender of the participant, Male or Female Female
The age of the participant, in years. 17
Current grade in school, asked of participants in the Children's Dreams Survey 2011. twelfth grade
School location, asked of participants in the Children's Dreams Survey 2011. Urban or city area
School type, asked of participants in the Children's Dreams Survey 2011. Public school
Race/ethnicity question asked of participants in Children's Dreams Survey 2011. Black
Text of most memorable dream reports from participants in the Memorable Dreams Survey 2011 and other sources. Exact question used in the Memorable Dreams Survey 2011: We are interested in hearing the story of an especially memorable dream you had, from any time in your life. Please try to recall as many details as possible, including the setting, characters, colors, actions, and any feelings or thoughts you had in the dream. When I was about 13 or 14 I had a weird dream. I was at school hanging out with some girl and we were walking around the hallways. For some reason decided to go down to the cafeteria. When we got there she sat down at one table and I sat down with my parents and brother at another table. There were a lot of students and parents in the cafeteria because there apparently was some meeting going on. Once the meeting ended a man dressed in an apple suit stood up and yelled something then some men dressed as grapes stood up too. They were the Fruit of the Loom guys. They started throwing food at everyone and knocking chairs over while we all tried to hide under and behind tables. I threw food back at them and protected my family from behind the table. I don't remember to much that happened after but I remember going outside to the back of the school with the girl from before and watching this guy and girl swim in a huge swimming pool out back. Then after talking to them we heard sirens and we looked over the edge of a bright white wall and saw the Jonas brothers being arrested and put into a police car.