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Answers For Person ID: harris_youth_2011:32060

The gender of the participant, Male or Female Female
The age of the participant, in years. 15
Current grade in school, asked of participants in the Children's Dreams Survey 2011. tenth grade
School location, asked of participants in the Children's Dreams Survey 2011. Suburban area next to a city
School type, asked of participants in the Children's Dreams Survey 2011. Public school
Race/ethnicity question asked of participants in Children's Dreams Survey 2011. White
Text of most memorable dream reports from participants in the Memorable Dreams Survey 2011 and other sources. Exact question used in the Memorable Dreams Survey 2011: We are interested in hearing the story of an especially memorable dream you had, from any time in your life. Please try to recall as many details as possible, including the setting, characters, colors, actions, and any feelings or thoughts you had in the dream. I was 15 at the time only a few weeks ago. My boyfriend and I had just talked after a tense few days so I was really happy and engergetic. Well the dream i had was me him my dad and his dad (both of which have passed away) in the middle of the woods sitting at this wooden table. In the center was a stone orb that pulsated differnt colors. Of course I was quite intrested in it I have never seen anything like it. As I reached out to touch it my boyfriend took my hand so both of our hands pressed against the silky smooth stone and was we did it melted into a crystal flower and all the trees suddenly started glimmering and almost crystalizing I woke up before I could finish the dream however.