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Answers For Person ID: harris_youth_2011:43276

The gender of the participant, Male or Female Female
The age of the participant, in years. 17
Current grade in school, asked of participants in the Children's Dreams Survey 2011. eleventh grade
School location, asked of participants in the Children's Dreams Survey 2011. Small town or rural area
School type, asked of participants in the Children's Dreams Survey 2011. Public school
Race/ethnicity question asked of participants in Children's Dreams Survey 2011. Asian or Pacific Islander
Text of most memorable dream reports from participants in the Memorable Dreams Survey 2011 and other sources. Exact question used in the Memorable Dreams Survey 2011: We are interested in hearing the story of an especially memorable dream you had, from any time in your life. Please try to recall as many details as possible, including the setting, characters, colors, actions, and any feelings or thoughts you had in the dream. This was a couple of months ago so i was 17 years old when this happened. I dreamed that I was at school at one of our assemblies. There was a concrete area which is unusual because we don't have a concrete area. I was cleaning this area when these two girls turned around and watched me clean it. When I was done the girls sneered and said that they could do a better job. But then I replied to them No You can't. Then I walked away and went to play with the band while the girls were watching me as I left. When I was done playing they said that they could play better than I can. Then I replied again- No You can't. Then drama (which I am also a part of) was going to perform one the scenes from the play we were looking for something. In the mean time people helped us get the scene set up by having the stairwell set up while we were looking for a bench and a red scarf. Then FLASH. I'm outside of one of my friend's house and it was unusual. In the driveway there was like an underground driveway that you can only see on the third step up to the house. I looked into the underground driveway and my friend's mom popped up with groceries in her hands and she was like "Oh Christina. Well come on in!" I then went straight downstairs to see my friend who was sick. I gave him a school postcard that had pink writing. He was zombified from the sickness and he asked if i could hand him some lotion. I handed it to him and when he was putting it on his face it looked as if he was putting on white paint. I asked him what he was doing with it and he told me to shush. I then decided it was time to leave so so i put on some blue ballet flats and i left out the door. Then FLASH. I was back at school and we finished the performance of the scene from the play.