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Answers For Person ID: harris_youth_2011:43617

The gender of the participant, Male or Female Female
The age of the participant, in years. 16
Current grade in school, asked of participants in the Children's Dreams Survey 2011. eleventh grade
School location, asked of participants in the Children's Dreams Survey 2011. Urban or city area
School type, asked of participants in the Children's Dreams Survey 2011. Public school
Race/ethnicity question asked of participants in Children's Dreams Survey 2011. Hispanic
Text of most memorable dream reports from participants in the Memorable Dreams Survey 2011 and other sources. Exact question used in the Memorable Dreams Survey 2011: We are interested in hearing the story of an especially memorable dream you had, from any time in your life. Please try to recall as many details as possible, including the setting, characters, colors, actions, and any feelings or thoughts you had in the dream. I was getting on a plane for my eight grade trip and I was surprised to see several of my friends sitting on the plane (which was relatively small for a passenger plane). Delighted I ran to say hello to them because none of them were really going on the trip with me. However as soon as I sat down to speak to them they stared at me blankly and queried "Do we know you?" They then proceeded to laugh at my haircut and I went and sat down elsewhere. The rest of the dream involved a trip to New York where I went to Broadway and all of my friends sat elsewhere and made fun of the funny girl who tried to talk to them on the plane. Eventually I was signed on a contract with a Broadway director and wasn't so bad off.