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Answers For Person ID: td2017:td124

The text of last night's dream report. This is the SDDb category used for entries in a dream journal. I’m getting married! I am preparing for my upcoming wedding. My fiance, Donald Trump, has given me a necklace to wear for our wedding. The necklace has a large oval moonstone set into a square platinum setting surrounded by diamonds, on a small link platinum chain. I am not sure I want to wear this necklace. I have another necklace given to me by my last partner, John. It is a gorgeous platinum necklace set with baguette (rectangular shape) emeralds, and diamond pave (tiny diamonds). It is a series of ¼” links and has an elaborate clasp as a focal point; it’s more dimensional with the same design. While deciding which necklace I will wear my ex-husband, Peter shows up. We go to the local nursery with a container with two plants in it; we own together. One of the plants has died. The man at the nursery says the problem is the two plants need different environments – one needs sun and lots of water, the other less water, and no bright sunlight. 2016-10-30 00:00:00
The gender of the participant, Male or Female Female
The age of the participant, in years. 63
Political ideology, asked of participants in the Demographic Survey 2010, sorted into 6 groups. Prog
US State of residence for participants in the Demographic Survey 2010, Children's Dreams Survey 2011, Memorable Dreams Survey 2011, and Demographic Survey 2012. New York
Country of residence United States